Upcoming On-Line Chats

We'll be trying to sponsor having a live internet chat on a fairly regular basis, having guest speakers from around the globe volunteer to put themselves in the hotseat!  These are moderated discussions using mIRC or a typical Internet Relay Chat system you might already have that's compatible with mIRC.

Upcoming chats
How to join the chats

Upcoming chats scheduled:

Date / Time
Guest speaker
Server and waiting room
November 5, 2003  8pm to 9pm, Eastern
The prez, Mr. Ian Juby
Canadian Creation Speaker
Room status:  Off Line!

Please join us next time!
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It's easy to join in - and once you've downloaded the small software package, you'll be able to join in future on-line chats sponsored by MICSSIG!

Step 1:  Download the software

Go to http://www.mirc.com/get.html and download the puny (1.3 meg), shareware mIRC program!  

Run it!  There is very good and extensive help pages at the website,  http://www.mirc.com/
They have excellent tutorials on setting up the mIRC, logging on to servers and chat rooms, and how to work your way around chat rooms.

We will probably hold most of our online chats on the Undernet servers in Mesa, Arizona.

Step 2:  Come to THIS webpage

Come to this webpage just before the chat is scheduled to get underway.  The schedule will be updated with the server and room info probably a couple of hours before, at which point the room will be open.

Step 3:  Join the chat!

The room you will be given is actually the waiting room where the questions are fielded and the host (and sometimes the guest speaker) interacts with the visitors.  The actual chat is heavily moderated in a separate room (which is pointed to from the waiting room by the host) which is generally one-way.  Only the guest speaker,the person who's question is being fielded, and the host chat in this room, under the moderation of the host.

Don't worry - it's a cinch!  Join us for a fun, entertaining and intellectually stimulating evening!