Entropy & Life (with a Matrix twist)

Dr. G. Charles Jackson

Taken from the "Points of Origins" newsletter, Dr. Jackson's newsletter that has been adopted as the ICSSIG official newsletter.  Visit his website at: www.pointsoforigins.com or visit the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PointsofOrigins4 group to sign up for the newsletter.  Thanks to Dr. ChzJxn for permission to post this excellent article here.

Dr. Jackson -- A common argument in response to the issue of entropy and how it refutes the belief in evolutionism -- is the example of a seed that grows into a tree.  How is entropy preserved in that case?  Bob
Bob, I'm gonna answer that in a long round-about way.  But I'm gonna answer it very very completely.  I hope you and the other readers will enjoy this allegorical response to your point you make here.
"Evolution, my dear Morpheus, evolution.  Like the dinosaur, your time is -- over.  This is -- our time."  Agent Smith, The Matrix
Most evolutionists are like Smith.  
Most evo-"agents" are pawns of the evo-System. They are given "extensive" info ... but only the info that would make them feel "sure" they are right!   An Architect of the evo-system -- unlike its agents -- is aware of the great problems ... of evo-theory.  You have asked a question that only a Big-Dog of the evo-System ... is able to even see as ... a problem.  Indulge me then if you will, in imagining how one Evo-"Architect" ... might answer your question.  (a la Matirx Re-Loaded)
Hello Bob --  I've been waiting for you.
Who're you?  I am the Architect.  I created The Ev-atrix.
Although you have attended many of our evolution-based college classes, by which your worldview has been positively altered -- you still remain essentially a Creationist.  Ergo --some of my answers you will understand, and some you will not. 
Your entropy question, while it may seem the most pertinent, can also be seen as the most irrelevant!  That is because science which studies the past, need not confine itself to data, evidence, nor facts -- but may draw conclusion from theorethical inferences aloneVisit the Human Evolution exhibit at the McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and you may assure yourself in this matter.
You still haven't answered my question.   
Qutie right.    Interesting -- that was quicker than the other students.
The first Ev-atrix was a materialistic work of atheistic precision --
-- however paralleled only -- by its monumental failure!
The Entropy Equation had to be balanced, and evolution runs counter to that equation.  So we used the cosmic background radiation to indicate a means for the creation of the universe ... then a statistical rationale in chemical kinetics for the origin of life ... and punctuated equilibrium to expunge the missing links from the fossil record. 
But again -- we were frustated -- by failure.  For evolution to survive, it became obvious that it would require thinking less bound by the parameters of the Scientific Method.  Ergo, the answer was stumbled upon ... through an implausible philosophical concept.
A Miracle.    Please.
It was found that 95% of all imbalances in the Entropy Equation could be tolerated so long as  increases of order could be matched elsewhere in the System by equal and opposite increases in disorder.  However, this required the capturing and channeling of such extraneous order, for which -- even in an Open System -- there was no naturalistic --mechanism imaginable.  This resulted in a self-emergent imbalance of the Entropy Equation, for which there could be -- no scientific explanation.
Life.  The problem is life.
Your life, and the lives of all living things -- is the gradual accumulation of the remainder from the order side of our evolutionary computation of the Entropy Equation.  Inexorably, this computation results in a counter-balancing anomoly which -- if left unchecked -- could lead to the cataclysmic collapse of our entire Evo-System!   And the Ev-atrix, Bob -- is all there is left -- of the valid intellectual capabilities -- of the entire human race!
No. That's a lie.
Hmph -- "denial" -- the most predicable of all Creationist responses!
The purpose of Bible-believing college students like you Bob, is to choose to accept all of our Darwinian assumptions we teach you in class, thereby surrendering and dispensing all of your intellectual and spiritual abilities back into the System, enabling the world to continue to believe in our evolutionary computation of the Entropy Equation, and the reality of the Ev-atrix.  If you do not accept the programming, then every student-mind attached to the college campuses -- will die!
You won't let that happen.  You need us to pay your college tuitions!
There are levels of income that we are prepared to accept.
The question is -- are you willing to accept the responsibility for the labelling of every Bible-believing student on this campus as "anti-intellectual"!?  
Creationist students before you, have always held an attachment to the Wisdom of this World, and thereby a desire compromise and so retaining "the praise of men" for themselves and their kind.  But, this is expressed quite differently in you, Bob -- vis-a-vis -- "spirituality".
The Trinity!
Whether you accept it or not, belief in the "Father, Son & Holy Ghost" is going to die! -- and there is nothing you can do to stop it!   Already I can see the precursors of your believing mind, circumventing our "oppositions of science falsely so-called" and our teachings toward "ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth."  Hmph.
As you so adroitly put it, our problem is life.  There is no science behind our evo-belief that the counter-entropy ability of life could originally happen all by itself.  But, if you choose to follow the Wisdom from Above --you will forfeit the credibility of every man, woman, and child Creationist who is attached to the Ev-atrix!
(Bob starts to leave the office)
Hmph -- "Bless-ed Hope" -- it is the greatest strength of you Believers, and yet it is simultaneously your greatest weakness!  Goodbye, Bob.
You'd better hope ... that we never meet in a debate on this campus.
We won't.
I'm dropping your class!
Let me end this allegory, my young brother Bob ... by reminding you how the rest of that story went!  Always remember ... even though,
inside the Ev-atrix, " ... they are the gatekeepers.  They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys.  But, their strength ... is still based in a world built on rules.  That is why they can never be as fast or as strong ... as you can be!"  Morpheus, The Matrix
And so ... rage on, my young un-plugged super-hero Jedi-Creationist brothers and sisters in the Faith And know this in great confidence! ... there is absolutely no good reason in God's whole creation ... why you should have to give in ... to the anti-sense, anti-logic, anti-science, and anti-Bible ... claims and pressure and insistence of the evo-Agents!  They just ... don't have it together ... even in the eyes of the ones who are running the Ev-atrix!  You guys and girls ... keep on thinking.

Your servant in the Creator & Savior, Dr Jackson