These are the members of this SIG who have asked to be listed here, complete with bios and photos where provided.

"The Prez", Ian A. Juby
Ian joined Mensa in 1994, and was interested in joining a SIG.  Much to his surprise, he found out there were actually very few SIG's in Canada - and certainly not one on Creation Science.  When he first tossed the idea of a Creation Science SIG around amongst other creationists, a group of interested Mensans congealed almost immediately (the original "fab five" as he fondly refers to them).  Only one other member was Canadian - and he was leaving the country!  So Ian pursued international status for the SIG to accomodate these members, and was granted recognition as an International Mensa SIG in 2004.  Today, the SIG has members in Canada, England, the United States and South Africa.

Operating out of Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, his website is  He is a supporting member of the Creation Research Society, organizer for the National Creation Conference of Canada and the founder of the Creation Science Museum of Canada.  Speaking on the subject since 1991, Ian has given presentations at churches, youth groups, and high school classes.  He was one of the representatives for Creation at the "Skeptic's night" at Carelton University in 2005 and has spoken on international television.  His displays are in museums in Alberta, Florida, Texas, and of course - Ontario.

Dr. G. Charles Jackson
This handsom guy was one of the original "fab five" and has been a tremendous supporter of the SIG from its inception.  Now in Creation ministry full time, Dr. Jackson's "Point of Origins" is our official SIG commentary - an excellent, down-to-earth and easy reading newsletter.  You can sign up for P. of O. by sending an email to  

Dr. Jackson has his bachelor's degree in Biology, a master's in Science Education, and a master's in Environmental Biology from George Mason University.  He earned his doctorate in Science Education at University of Virginia.

He is a lifetime member of Mensa and the Creation Research Society. Operating out of Virginia, his website is

Speaking on the subject since 1975, Dr. Jackson has taught science or education courses at both public and private schools to students in kindergarten through university level. His positions since 1980 have included five high schools, six community colleges, four colleges, and two universities ... in Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, and Tennessee.  He has also appeared on international television.

David Harris  (no photo yet) was one of the original "Fab five" and joins us from England.  A member of Mensa and a voting member of the SIG, he's an astronomy buff.  He's shared profound evidences in the stars and universe that reveal our Creator.  Just that word alone speaks volumes:  Uni-verse, "a single, spoken, sentence."  His website is

Steve Edwards (no photo yet), also one of the original "fab five" lives in South Africa, is a member of Mensa and a voting member of the SIG.  I met Steve originally through the Creation Research Society.  Steve's contributions were invaluable in the startup and assembly of the SIG.

More to come!

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